Partnerships Offer
Any company may become a partner for 12 months (1 year) with the association “Club Agile Rhône Alpes” through a member of the Administrative Council. This partnership is independant from the sponsoring of events and conferences organized by the CARA.

In order for the Administrative Council to evaluate this partnership, the company will write a partnership offer (one A4 page maximum) with at least the following points :

Example for a partnership offer :

Validation of partnership offers

The partnership commision is composed by 5 persons designated by the Administrative Council (during a meeting of the council).
This commission has to evaluate a partnership offer as soon as it is received.
If all the 5 members (100%) of the commission validate this offer, the partnership is accepted and become effective when payment is done, or when the contribution takes place.
Any member of the commission can hold off from accepting an offer and ask for the Administrative Council's validation, the evaluation of this offer is scheduled for the next meeting of the council (which is hold every 3 months). The present members of the council will vote and the offer will be accepted with at least 80% of the recorded votes. Otherwise, the offer will be refused. The company may review its position and offer, and will be able to renew its offer through the same process.

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